Experience Washington D.C.’s Breathtaking Murals Like Never Before

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History can be beautiful if we look past the many wars and injustices. In many instances, beauty flourished from pain. This isn’t meant to negate the pain that people experienced. However, we can move forward by taking a look at the beauty that surrounds us through art.

For those of you who live in Washington D.C. or who have visited the area, before, you’re probably familiar with the Smithsonian, historic monuments, and much more. After all, it’s a city filled with enormous history. From locations to specific objects and everything in-between, a visit to Washington D.C. can be an extremely fulfilling and unique experience. There’s plenty to see and do, after all! For instance, you and your family might want to take part in the DC Murals Walking Tour. Keep reading to learn more information.

About the Tour

The DC Murals Walking Tour will be held on Saturday, September 28 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Beginning at Columbia Heights Station located at 3030 14th Street Northwest, the tour will allow you to experience gorgeous murals throughout the area. Tickets are $15. You’ll walk through the Shaw, U Street, and Columbia Heights neighborhoods. During your journey, you’ll learn more about the origins of the murals as well as the important meanings behind the beautiful artwork. The tour allows for a variety of “picture-perfect” photo opportunities. You can document the experience with photos of the murals as well as pictures of each other! Meet new friends along the way as you explore.

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More Information About the Murals

The DC Murals: Spectacle and Story became a popular event during the 1990s when interest in the public murals grew substantially. After the public became enamored with the breathtaking artwork, the murals began to be documented by researchers in the area. This was a great way to keep track of the artwork. The goal of DC Murals is to help tell stories through the artwork that depicts beauty, nature, history, struggles, and more. As we all know, art can be a form of activism. In order to help the public become more aware of the art, DC Murals provides the following for visitors to enjoy:

  • Public Programs
  • Exhibitions
  • Tours
  • More!

For those of you who love art or who feel inspired by the fascinating murals, consider becoming a sponsor of DC Murals or participating in various events. All artwork is archived digitally to make certain that the future generations will be aware of the murals in case they are ever damaged. With Washington D.C. being such a historic area, there’s an importance placed on art and history. The next time you’re in the area, be sure to take part in the DC Murals Walking Tour. Not only will you be able to enjoy art, but you’ll also learn more about the historic areas as well!

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