Stimulating Games For Your Pup

Dog licking their owner's faceNothing’s worse than leaving your pup in the mornings when you’re headed to work, especially with the look of their pouty, sweet little faces. So, when you return in the evening, you have to make it up to your furry friend for leaving them at home all day. What better way to love on your little guy or girl than with a few mentally stimulating games? After all, they’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize you’re giving their brain a workout.

Adventure Box

To prepare an adventure box full of fun, you’ll need one large box, newspaper, and dog safe containers. To get started with preparation, you’ll also need some doggie treats, and make sure they’re some of his or her favorites. After all, once their senses smell them, they’ll move fast looking for them. Next, spread out the containers and boxes and disperse the treats under the objects. Also, you can put treats under the crumbled newspaper. Once finished setting up, send your pup on an adventure and see how well they can find the hidden treasure.

Muffin Tin

The muffin tin game is simple! All you need is a muffin tin from the kitchen and six tennis balls. Begin by placing the tennis balls in six of the filler cups, but only under two of them, you’ll hide a treat. Once you put it in front of your pup, they will use their senses, as they start to pick up the tennis balls. If they pick up one ball with a treat under it, they’ve earned the scrumptious treat. However, it may take them a second to understand the concept of the game, so be patient with them.

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Towels and Treats

Are you starting to see a trend? Treats — they motivate your furry friends. Grab a towel and place treats in the center of it, and after, roll up it up on the floor. Once you give it to your pup, he or she will try to unroll the towel, using their senses to find the deliciousness. After all, dogs will do just about anything for something special to munch on.

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