How To Stay Alert From 9 To 5

Woman struggling to stay awake at workThe workweek may seem long even when you’re getting a solid eight hours of sleep at night. Whether you yawn your head off in the mornings, crash after lunch, or run home for a nap when the clock strikes 5:00 PM, you’re probably tired of feeling exhausted all of the time. Although, your employer is counting on you to get the job done, so you can’t be catching Z’s while on the clock. Check out the seven tips for staying awake and alert at your full-time gig!

Mini Exercises

If you find yourself dozing off on the clock, the best way to find a boost of energy is to simply get moving. Whether you need to walk a few laps around the office, jog in place, or even do some squats in your cubicle, your blood is bound to start flowing.

Enjoy Stimulating Foods

The best way to stay energized is to start with your breakfast. Nutrient-dense foods will fuel your body to get through the day, while complex carbs are delicious and should be enjoyed often, they’re going to make you feel slumped. Enjoy balanced meals filled with carbohydrates and protein to fuel your mind and stimulate energy throughout the day!

Deep Breathing

Shallow breathing can make you feel tired and unfocused. Although, if you take a few minutes to stop and practice healthy breathing, you will feel equipped to tackle the day. Begin by sitting up straight and take a large, deep breath, breathing out as much air as you possibly can. Next, slowly inhale, filling up your lungs once again, and hold for five seconds before exhaling again.

Take Mental Breaks

Everyone needs a break, so if you start feeling overwhelmed or sleepy, get out of your chair for a walk, turn on some soothing music, or rest your eyes for a few minutes. Looking at your computer screen for too long can be damaging to your eyes, so sometimes you need a quick break to get refocused.

Hydration is Key

If you aren’t much of a water drinker, this could be your main source of exhaustion. There are ways to get creative with water intake, for example, treat yourself to a nice, double-insulated cup or add fresh fruit to infuse your beverage with a little extra flavor.

Quick Creative Writing

If your career isn’t your dream job, you may be holding in your creative side. While brain breaks are important, it’s also important to explore your thoughts and ideas, so grab a notepad and take ten minutes to write out how you’re feeling or the ideas you have flowing.

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Power Naps

Who doesn’t love a quick nap? With just ten or twenty minutes during lunch, catching some Z’s could restimulate your brain to conquer the day. Although, the best way to feel fully rested starts with a good night’s rest.

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