Go Camping This Fall in Your Backyard

September 7th, 2020 by

Father with children making a camping fire in the backyard.
As summer gives way to fall, the weather is right for camping under the stars. You don’t have to travel far for a fun camping experience, because you can enjoy the great outdoors right in your own backyard!

Set Up a Campsite

While a standard camping tent will work just fine, you can improvise your shelter with blankets, tarp, or other materials if you don’t have a folding tent lying around. Floor pillows will make sitting low to the ground much more comfortable, and you can even bring lawn chairs along. If you’re close to a power source, hang up some string lights around the site or tent opening for a festive glow once the sun sets.

Light Up the Night

If you have the space for a campfire, a do-it-yourself firepit will be the finishing touch to bring a true camping experience right to your own home. Bolster the outdoor pit with rocks or bricks, and gather a few sticks or skewers for roasting marshmallows. When the daylight fades and the stars come out, it’s time to light the logs and gather around for some quality time outdoors.

Fun and Games

Whether you’re camping an a cozy fenced-in area or a wide-open space, you can take advantage of your environment with some engaging camping games. The whole family can go on a scavenger hunt to learn about the flowers, trees, and other natural features found right in your backyard, or sit back and stargaze to identify the constellations overhead. In the autumn months, familiar figures like Aries, Pisces, and Cassiopeia will be visible in the night sky. Of course, you can always bring out the familiar yard games like cornhole for some friendly competition.

Dinner Time

Don’t forget a cooler on this camping trip, because you’ll have the perfect opportunity to cook dinner right over a crackling fire. While hotdogs on skewers are always welcome, consider expanding the alfresco menu to include some foil-wrapped fare like roasted veggies with sausage or even mac and cheese. Check out these camping recipes for some imaginative ideas.

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