All About Alfa’s First Vehicle

Alfa's First Vehicle

As you may know, Alfa Romeo is an Italian company that has produced top-of-the-line cars for decades now – but it didn’t get this big overnight. Years of hard work and dedication to being the best have made Alfa Romeo into the carmaker it is today. If you’re thinking about buying an Alfa, you should learn more about its history. Learning where the automaker came from will make you enjoy the modern, up-to-date models even more, and it’ll give you a little taste of Alfa’s culture.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Alfa Romeo did not start out with the name it has today; instead, it began in 1906 as The Società Italiana Automobili Darracq. However, just three years later, economic hardship struck. Instead of letting the company disintegrate, Ugo Stella, the brand’s managing director and a wealthy Italian aristocrat, absorbed its market shares and turned the maker into what it is today. He relaunched the plant in 1910 under a new name: Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, or Alfa.

The First Alfa Vehicle

After the relaunch, Alfa Romeo released its first vehicle that very same year; it was called the 24HP. Giuseppe Merosi designed this vehicle and, though he started out selling bicycles, he was an incredibly ambitious young man, and he went on to produce the automaker’s first car. The vehicle had a 4.1-liter engine and could reach a top speed of 62 mph. While it may not sound impressive by today’s standards, it began the carmaker’s legacy of producing top-quality cars. Not only was it efficient for its time, but it was also stylish and classy, something that modern Alfa vehicles can still boast today.

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See How Far Alfa Has Come

Sure, the first-produced Alfa Romeo was amazing. But after over a century of improvements, the vehicles it produces now are incomparable. You may not be able to drive around in a 24HP, but you can always schedule a test drive to see what modern Alfas are like. You may just fall in love with this automaker once you try out one of its cars.

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