Get Ready For Black History Month At The National Museum Of African American History

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National Museum Of African American History

Black History Month is in February, and going to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is the best way to celebrate. When this four-level museum opened in 2016, it became the first of its kind. No other museum in the country is solely dedicated to African American culture, history, and life, and you will learn so much during your visit. Admission is free, so stop by and soak up culture and history. It’s a truly remarkable museum.

The Experience

The museum focuses on multiple aspects of the African American experience, starting with the days of slavery. You will traverse the complicated history, going all the way to today.

There are countless exhibits at this museum, but some stand out. The Slavery and Freedom exhibit is a true standout. Your heart will break when you read first-person accounts of the impact of slavery in America. The exhibit will take you all the way back to fifteenth-century Africa and Europe and will leave you at the time of Reconstruction. Forget everything you learned in school. This exhibit has the real stories and artifacts that can’t be ignored.

The Defending Freedom, Defining Freedom exhibit is also outstanding. When slaves were emancipated, they thought they would truly be free, but that’s not what happened. This exhibit covers segregation and explains how African Americans had to find ways to establish a cultural identity after being ripped from their homelands and enslaved, only to be segregated.

A Changing America is another powerful exhibit. This exhibit showcases many of the most powerful African American figures through history, starting with Martin Luther King, Jr. It includes President Barack Obama and even has information on the Black Lives Matter movement. The exhibit will give you a better understanding of how far African Americans have come and why they still must fight for their rights to this day.

Then, there is the Musical Crossroads exhibit. African Americans managed to preserve cultural traditions through music while creating new musical styles. This began in the days of slavery and still continues to this day. The museum gives the music a historical context that is very interesting.

Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture – A Special Exhibit

Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture will be up through June. You’ll get to see artifacts and learn how Oprah shaped America years ago and still continues to do so.

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Getting to the Museum

You do not want to miss a trip to this museum. Stop by Safford Alfa Romeo of Tyson’s Corner in Vienna, Virginia, to get a vehicle that is up to the trip. Then, you can drive right over and take in all the history.

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